Glitterizer 1.0

Creates simple graphics and text items up to 500x500 pixels
1.0 (See all)
RCMedia Services
Create glitter-based items and outputs them to JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF or a simple text object. Select a color and replace it automatically where it's found. The output images are limited to 500x500 pixels. The built-in glitter Module Maker provides the tools to create custom modules.

A simple wizard driven glitter graphics application for creating text & graphics for MySpace and other community sites. Choose an image in jpg, gif, png or tif, of a graphic or text object, choose the glitter module to use and the color to replace and then generate your glitterized version. It's that simple. Given the right original graphic, the output can be amazing. Check out the sample images on our site. And with the optional GL4, Glitter Module Maker, you can create custom modules for our system, either for your own use or for unrestricted distribution.
Surely a good $5 tool.

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